MPSC Group C Post List: MPSC Group C 2024 Updates.

MPSC Group C Post List – MPSC Posts comprises numerous posts. Candidates can choose their posts from the MPSC Posts list. Stay tuned for Maharastra Public Service Commission Posts information and eligibility criteria.

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the Rajya Seva Examination to discover qualified applicants for some positions every year. The Maharashtra government recruits them for a variety of ministries and lower-level positions. Candidates for the MPSC Rajyaseva Examination work hard day and night, staying up late to apply for any MPSC positions. They are highly driven to work hard, and MPSC postings are classified as Class A or Group A. Their salary, benefits, and other forms of remuneration drive them to work more and alter their readiness plans regularly. In this essay, we will discuss MPSC roles and salaries. We will also promote the remuneration of an MPSC Deputy Collector to encourage dedicated people seeking the position.

Salaries for Different MPSC Posts:

Salary, salary, and other benefits, as well as allowances, help applicants prepare more effectively. They work hard every day to achieve MPSC positions at the highest levels. The complete list of MPSC roles classified as Class A, B, and C, along with their salary, benefits, and other information, is presented below. The MPSC State Service Exam (Rajyaseva Exam) is the selection method for all the positions listed in the table, along with their salaries.

MPSC Posts Subordinate Services, Non-gazetted Group-B:

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) also administers the Subordinate Services Exam, which selects applicants for various non-gazetted Group-B positions in the Maharashtra state government. The exam is sometimes called the MPSC Combined Exam, and many applicants in Maharashtra prepare for it after the State Service Exam.

MPSC Group C Service Exam List:

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the Group-C Service Exam to select candidates for various Group-C posts in the Maharashtra State Government. Class C cops hold entry-level positions in the government and are frequently paid less than Class B police. Their responsibilities include carrying out daily activities and obligations as assigned by their managers. Class C officers are compensated based on their performance, experience, and assignments.

MPSC Posts Group A Lists and salaries:

Class A gazetted officials have senior administrative and executive positions in the government.. and frequently earn more than their Class B counterparts. Some criteria influencing their compensation include the type and duties of their MPSC positions, their years of experience, and their performance. MPSC Class B officers have intermediate government positions and typically earn less than Class A Gazetted officials. A Class B officer can earn between a few thousand and tens of thousands of rupees per month, depending on their MPSC position.

MPSC Forest Service Exam Posts List:

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the Forest Service Exam to select candidates for various positions in the Maharashtra Forest Department. The Vanseva Exam is the name of the exam. The table below shows a list of all MPSC posts and salaries filled out during the MPSC Forest Service (Vanseva) examination.

MPSC Posts Agriculture Service Lists:

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the Agriculture Service Exam to select candidates for various Maharashtra Department of Agriculture positions. MPSC Posts Engineering Services. The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the Engineering Service Exam to select candidates for the Maharashtra government’s civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many positions are there in MPSC?

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts exams for around twenty MPSC positions in the state government, such as room officer, deputy collector, deputy superintendent, assistant commissioner of state taxes, and others.

What is the DSP salary in Maharashtra?

Ans – Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and Assistant Commissioner (ASP) salaries range from 56,100 to 1,77,500.

What is the number of MPSC post categories or classes?

Ans – There are three basic categories or classes of MPSC posts: Class A (Gazetted), Class B, and Class C.

What is the distinction between Class A and Class B MPSC positions?

Ans: Higher-level executive and administrative positions are classified as Class A. They serve the government in high-level executive and administrative positions and are Gazetted Officers. They typically earn more than those in Class B positions.

What is the compensation range for a Section Officer at MPSC?

A section officer under the MPSC can earn a salary that varies depending on the office. The minister’s office will earn between INR 47,600 and INR 1,51,100—the MPSC office costs between INR 41,800 and 1,32,300.

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