MPSC Combine Question Paper Analysis

MPSC Combine Question Paper Analysis – To choose applicants for the Maharashtra Governmental Department’s civil services, the Maharashtra Rajyaseva Exam, also called the Maharashtra Civil Services Exam, is administered by the Maharashtra Public Service Commission. In 2023, every citizen of India with a valid graduation certificate is eligible to take the MPSC in Marathi or English.

We will present the specifics of the MPSC combined exam analysis below to assist students with their exam preparation.

MPSC Exam Analysis 2023:

Prelims exam pattern:

  • There are two required 200-mark papers for the MPSC preliminary exam.
  • Both papers are objective, and a wrong effort will result in the candidate losing & a frac14 mark.
  • Two hours is the length of both documents.
  • Analysis of MPSC 2023 preliminary exam.

The MPSC has announced that the preliminary exams will be held on June 4, 2023. The exam must be taken offline by the applicants.

Topic-wise difficulty level of MPSC 2023 prelims:

Paper: 1

  • According to an examination of previous years’ papers, paper 1’s overall difficulty in the preliminary exam will be moderate.
  • The most important topics were geography, government, general science, and current events.
  • In 2022 and 2021, the issues with the least weight were economics and Maharashtra-specific.

Paper: 2

  • The MPSC preliminary exam paper 2 consists of seven subjects in total.
  • Paper 2’s subjects with the highest weighting are reasoning and reading comprehension, which have manageable to moderate difficulty levels.
  • Since reading comprehension in Hindi, English, and DM carried less weight than the other subjects, paper 2’s overall difficulty was simple to modify.

Mains exam pattern:

  • MPSC has modified the Mains exam syllabus.
  • There are now nine papers in the main MPSC, up from the previous six.
  • Exam weighting is 1750 overall, up from 800 before.

Topic-wise difficulty level of MPSC 2023 Mains:

  • The MPSC primary exam date has not yet been announced.
  • 2020, 2021, and 2022: In General Study 1, the historical background was moderately highly complex.
  • Geography was straightforward.
  • Moderate complexity pertained to the themes covered in General Studies 2, 3, and 4.

MPSC Combined Exam Analysis 2023:

  • You must expedite your preparation for the 30 April 2023 MPSC Combined Pre Exam.
  • Additionally, applicants who clear the preliminary and main exams are eligible for Maharashtra’s STI, ASO, and PSI positions.
  • As previously stated, applicants may administer the test in either English or Marathi.

MPSC Combined Prelims Analysis 2023:

Since the Combined test has not yet been held, let’s examine last year’s exam questions to determine the degree of difficulty in each topic and the weighted average of the scores for each paper in 2022. Additionally, it will provide an overview of the question paper, allowing you to assess your performance and concentrate more on topics that carry significant weight.

MPSC combined pre-exam pattern 2023:

  • The preliminary paper 2023 from MPSC is divided into four components.
  • Additionally, the combined re-exam question is objective in character, and a 0.25 negative marking option is available.
  • Lastly, there are 100 questions and 100 points for the combined pre-limbs.


  • In 2022, the paper’s overall difficulty level was moderate.
  • The questions on geography, history, and general science were simple, while the questions on politics, economy, general science, current events, aptitude, and reasoning were moderately challenging.
  • Additionally, the topics with the highest weighting in 2022 were current events, general science, history, and politics.

MPSC Combined Mains Analysis 2022:

A pattern of the 2023 MPSC combined Mains exam:

  • Two papers make up the MPSC Combined Mains exam.
  • There are 200 questions on each paper, worth 400 marks.
  • Additionally, like MPSC preliminary exams, MPSC combined mains have a negative marking feature.
  • Lastly, the exam lasts only one hour and consists of multiple-choice questions.


The primary test date for 2023 has not yet been announced.
To understand the composition, difficulty level, weighting, and format of Mains Papers 1 and 2, let’s examine the previous year’s Combined Mains Paper.
Papers 1 and 2 for PSI, ASO, and STI had a medium difficulty.
In paper 1, the Marathi language was given the highest weight.
Paper 1 consisted of 50 questions worth 100 points in Marathi, 30 questions worth 60 marks in English, and 20 questions worth 40 in general knowledge.

The difficulty level of paper 2:

  • Major Acts and Laws had the highest weighting in PSI Paper 2 since they comprised 55 questions for 110 points.
  • The economics was given the most weight in STI Paper 2.
  • In ASO paper 2, the Indian constitution was accorded the highest weight.
  • The combined test paper for group 2 recruiting has been getting considerably harder over the past few years.

Group C Prelims 2022-23 Analysis:

  • There are one hundred objective-style questions in it.
  • It lasts for one hour and covers seven themes.
  • The seven courses are history, politics, geography, economics, general science, current events, aptitude testing, and reasoning.
  • Hardness of subject
  • Prelims for Group C will be held on November 5, 2022.
  • The general science, politics, and history were easy to somewhat difficult.
  • While current events, aptitude, and reasoning were relatively challenging, geography and economy were simple.

Group C Mains 2022-2023 Analysis:

On February 4, 2023, the MPSC Group C test was administered offline. If you’re among those anxiously awaiting the results, read the following lines to understand the anticipated cut-off, hardness, tries, and weightage.

A pattern of paper:

  • There are two papers in it. There are 100 questions on each paper for 100 marks.
  • Paper 1 consists of two subjects: English has 40 questions, and Marathi has 60 total marks.
  • The General Ability Test and specialized subject knowledge are the topics of Paper 2

Mains paper1:

  • Paper 1’s difficulty level was low to moderate for both English and Marathi.
  • There are 48 to 50 reasonable efforts in MARATHI, compared to 28 to 30 in English.
  • If you have answered 76–80 questions in paper 1, you have a reasonable probability of being selected for the exam.

Mains paper 2:

  • For clerk typists, paper 2 was simple to medium challenging.
  • We do not know how challenging Paper 2 will be for the other Group C jobs.
  • As a result, the MPSC Group C’s overall document for 2021, 2022, and 2023 was simple to moderate.

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