Marathi Patra Lekhan Format PDF

Marathi Patra Lekhan Format PDF – In today’s modern world, everything has become digitalized and letters become scarce. But even though everybody has become modern in professional things or legal matters or competitive exams, a letter is formed. So, in other aspects, letter writing might have decreased, but professionally, it is still relevant, and people are forming them.

Marathi Patra Lekhan is a letter written in Marathi that is described in this article for people who are not familiar with it. In this article, you will learn how to form a letter and also about different types of letters that can be made.

What Is Marathi Patra Lekhan?

Patra Lekhan is when a person writes a letter to another person to communicate a message. As in earlier times, people used to send letters to their family members if they wanted to pass on certain information, just like that Marathi Patra lekhan is also that which people use in offices to communicate with other people. Marathi Patra Lekhan is of two types: formal and informal.

A formal one is written to an employer or employee in offices. It is that which is written professionally. An informal letter writing is written to family members, relatives, etc. Both types have different styles and languages, which are discussed below.

Format Of Informal Marathi Patra Lekhan

Informal letters are family letters that are written to express emotions to people. Its format is given below:

Date: when you are writing the letter

To (to whom you are writing the letter) 

Subject: Why you have written the letter

In such type of informal letter, you could tell the receiver about any information and congratulate them for winning something or if you want to share condolence. The language will be informal so you don’t have to think too much about it. 

(Then write your name with your address)

Format Of Formal Marathi Patra Lekhan

Formal or office letters are made to deal with any office-related matter like complaints, demands, etc. It is very important in such letters that the date, format, and way of writing should be appropriate as then only you will get good marks in exams. Below, you will find the formal of informal letters:-

Write the receiver’s address with the date

Full name of the receiver

Their position in a company/institute


Respected Sir,

This is ___ (your name) of ___( your designation) wrote this letter to tell you about ___ (the content you want) 

Then, in the next paragraph, request the receiver to consider your letter.

Thanking You

Your Full Name

As you can see, the format of Marathi Patra Lekhan has been discussed in the article, so all your confusion will be resolved. 

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