Electricity Bill Rebate Canada – How To Apply For Electricity Bill Rebate 2024?

To assist its residents, the Alberta government introduced the Electricity Bill Rebate Canada 2024. You don’t need to apply to receive a $500 monthly bill rebate through 2024; the amount of the rebate will change each month and be applied to your power bill.

Electricity Bill Rebate 2024 

The Canada Revenue Agency has started the electricity bill rebate program which is set to end in 2024. This was introduced in December 2022 to give people financial security.

Under the Alberta Power Reimbursement 2024, citizens will receive a $500 rebate on their power bills.

Eligibility Criteria For Electricity Bill Rebate 2024

  • As a citizen of Alberta, you must use the power supply.
  • You need to receive monthly electricity bills from your energy provider and have access to the electrical system.
  • The electricity consumption in a year should not exceed 250 MW/hours.
  • To be eligible for the Electricity Bill Rebate, citizens must be enrolled in their electricity company, even when their connection is temporarily closed because of unpaid bills.
Electricity Bill Rebate Canada - How To Apply For Electricity Bill Rebate 2024?
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The Rebate Amount For Electricity Bill Rebate 2024

Customers in Alberta will receive a $500 monthly rebate on their electric rates if they consume power between July 2022 and April 2023.

If you are eligible for a rebate, you will get the following in the mail:

  • $50 – July to December 2022
  • $75 – January to February 2023
  • $25 – March to April 2023

How To Apply For Electricity Bill Rebate 2024?

Residents in Alberta who qualify will soon have access to the Alberta Electricity Rebate Program 2024.

  • There is no need to apply if you are an actual Alberta Power customer who receives monthly bills because you will automatically be eligible for the Alberta Electricity Rebate Payment Amount.
  • Visit alberta.ca for further details.
  • The exact timing of the reimbursements will vary based on the billing cycle of your utility provider.
  • This project promises a total repayment of $500 over a period of many months. Specifically, $150 will be credited to the March and April invoices, and an additional $150 will be set aside for the subsequent billing cycle.

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