$698, $1537 & $1915 Social Security Payments Dates 2024

Various Social Security payout programs are designed for senior citizens living in the US. To establish a suitable amount that low-income citizens of the country can use to pay for their essentials, the maximum and average amounts are paid to beneficiaries under various social security payment programs.

The amounts that makeup Social Security are $698, $1537, and $1915, which are divided into SSI, SSDI, and VA benefits.

The nation’s low-income people benefit from the monthly distribution of Social Security payments and other payment programs, each of which has a set amount.

$698, $1,537 & $1,915 Social Security Payments Dates 2024

It is recognized as an entitlement program in which Social Security revenues, which are then invested in two significant Social Security trust funds, are used to pay for such payment benefits for employees, employers, and self-employed persons.

A person’s Social Security eligibility for $698, $1537, and $1915, and the amount received depends on both their employment history and their Social Security contributions.

Each eligible person waits for their monthly Social Security benefits; which are distributed in accordance with the payment announcement made on the administration’s official website, www.ssa.gov.

$698, $1537 & $1915 Social Security Payments Dates 2024
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Eligibility Criteria For Social Security Payments Dates

  • Social Security payments are for permanent resident individuals in the US.
  • Amounts are payable to individuals of 60 years or above.
  • Any individual with disabilities and is below the age of 60, can apply for payment.
  • To receive benefits, income should be minimal or zero.
  • If economic assistance improves then payment deposits will stop.
  • Every eligible individual must have a valid social security number.

$698, $1,537 & $1,915 Social Security Payment Date 2024 

Everyone who has the qualifying requirements will be eligible to receive the $698, $1537, and $1915 Social Security Payment in 2024. The Social Security Administration always releases the payment dates.

These payments are made in accordance with the set schedule that the administration posts on their official website. The beneficiaries are split into three groups, with the dates mainly allocated based on the beneficiaries’ birth dates.

The breakdown of the beneficiaries is provided below:-

Dates       Details

1-10        2nd Wednesday

11-20        3rd Wednesday

21-31        4th Wednesday

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