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12th Science Chemistry Notes Maharashtra State Board – Revision Notes for Maha Board Class 12th Chemistry can be downloaded from selfstudys.com. The provided revision notes are an excellent resource for pupils to boost their study. Using revision notes has enormous benefits for exam preparation, and the notes are highly clear, making studying more fascinating. In truth, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pune, maintains its unique educational standard. As a result, students must devote more time to their studies and do better on the board examination. To keep the Maharashtra Board’s educational environment at an international standard. As a result, while preparing for the board examination, students should utilize all available resources to improve their proficiency. 

Get Free HSC Revision Notes for Class 12 Chemistry:

Obtaining Free HSC Revision Notes for Class 12th is relatively straightforward. Select your subjects, and you can view the Revision notes by subject and chapter. The latest Maha Syllabus Notes are handy for refreshing chapter learning. Toppers from various boards have stated that they revisited their learned themes several times using revision notes. So they don’t go blank while writing their answers for their annual board exam. As a result, students are urged to Download Important Notes for Class 12 to pass the examination easily.

Solid State

Solutions and Colligative Properties

Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetic


Chemical Kinetics

General Principles & Processes of Isolation of Elements

p-Block Elements

Features of 12th Revision Notes:

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  • Subject matter experts have developed the Class 12th Maharashtra Board Revision notes. 
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