UP Khasra Khatauni Online Verification 2024 – How Can One Check Khasra Khatauni Online?

The citizens of Uttar Pradesh have online access to information regarding UP Bhulekh. This service is being provided by the Revenue Council of Uttar Pradesh. The state government has established an online Bhulekh portal which provides residents with information about their land.

Online portals prove beneficial for the farmers most because they usually need a land map, Khasra, Khatauni, etc. Earlier people used to make visits to the government office even for basic work. This method proves to save time and money for the residents of UP.

UP Khasra Khatauni Online Verification 2024
Image Source – Sarkari Disha

The Objective Of The UP Bhulekh Portal

The main objective of launching the UP Bhulekh portal by the state government is easy and online availability of information related to land. This website contains data related to land in one place with complete transparency.

This portal also saves the time of citizens of UP, they need not to visit any government office to get any information of their land. Information can be obtained anywhere anytime with the help of the internet.

This online portal also prevents any fraud from happening to the citizens and it reduces corruption.

Benefits Of The UP Bhulekh PortalĀ 

  • Through the UP Bhulekh website, the citizens of the state can easily go through the map of their land online by providing their Khasra number and jamabandi number on the website.
  • Maps of the land can be easily downloaded and can take a printout of the same.
  • The farmers are no longer required to go to any office to get their land map or information regarding Khasra Khatauni.
  • The online portal of UP Bhulekh will save time and money for the citizens.
  • People of UP can view their land details online from home through their mobile and laptop.
  • The online facility will provide transparency in the work done in the tehsils and also it will reduce corruption.
  • This is also spreading awareness in people to do most of the work by themselves.

How Can One Check Khasra Khatauni Online?

  • The first step is to visit the official website.
  • Check the real-time Khatauni copy and select the option.
  • Verify the provided captcha code.
  • Select district, tehsil, and Village.
  • Then search for the Khasra number.
  • Select the Khasra number and verify the captcha code.

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