Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Textbook Solutions

Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Textbook Solutions – The most excellent source of information for getting ready for your subsequent examinations is Maharashtra Board Solutions. Get the curriculum for Classes 10 and 12 and the textbook answers for the Maharashtra board and Balbharti to aid your preparation. You may get all of them for free by downloading them in PDF format. These textbook solutions cover the complete revised Maharashtra Board syllabus. This resource was created to assist students in gaining a thorough understanding of subjects using detailed explanations presented understandably.

The class 12 books, syllabus, and revision notes for the Maharashtra Board are accessible in PDF format from this website. Here, students may get textbooks and other study resources for the 12th-grade Maharashtra Board class, which will facilitate their learning. Many students lack the funds to purchase the Maha books, and some students who can afford to do so do so because they travel frequently or want to have their books with them at all times.

About Maharashtra State Board:

An autonomous entity of the Maharashtra government is the MSBSHSE, Pune. This test is taken by over 1.4 million students annually. The Maha State Board administers the board exam twice a year. This board administers exams for the SSC and HSC. 

Download the class 12 Maharashtra Board Textbooks. These publications and the Maha Syllabus and Maharashtra Class 12th Sample Papers are accessible in several languages, including Marathi, Hindi, and English. It is recommended that students use the resources on this page to quickly prepare for their exams and improve their learning outcomes by downloading these items. You can access anything that is offered here for free.

Maharashtra Board Solutions for Class 12:

Textbook solutions are provided for math, physics, chemistry, accounting, economics, English, Marathi, and biology. Students in class 12 must start their exams immediately. You may begin practicing with answers to each chapter’s 12h Maharashtra board. You will be better able to remember facts on queries similar to yours once you have mastered answering a specific one.

List of Important Chapters:


Maths (Commerce) (Part 1)

Maths (Commerce) (Part 2)

Maths (Part 2)

Maths (Part 2)

S.No Chapters
1 Mathematical Logics
2 Matrices
3 Trigonometric Functions
4 Pair of Straight Lines
5 Circle
6 Comics
7 Vectors
8 Three Dimensional Geometry
9 Line
10 Plane
11 Linear Programming Problems
12 Continuity
13 Differentiation
14 Applications of Derivative
15 Integration
16 Applications of Definite Integral
17 Differential Equation
18 Statistics
19 Probability Distribution
20 Bernoulli Trials and Bernoulli Distribution


S.No Chapters
1 Introduction to Partnership and Partnership Final Accounts
2 Accounts of ‘Non for Profit’ Concerns
3 Reconstitution of Partnership ( Admission of partner)
4 Reconstitution of Partnership ( Retirement of partner)
5 Reconstitution of Partnership ( Death of partner)
6 Dissolution of Partnership Firm
7 Bills of Exchange
8 Company Accounts- Issues of shares
9 Analysis of Financial Statements
10 Computer in Accounting



S.No Chapters
1 Rotational dynamics
2 Mechanical properties of fluids
3 Kinetic theory of gases and radiation
4 Thermodynamics
5 Oscillations 
6 Superposition of waves
7 Wave optics
8 Electrostatics
9 Current electricity
10 Magnetic fields due to electric current
11 Magnetic materials
12 Electromagnetic induction
13 AC circuits
14 The dual nature of radiation and matter
15 Structure of atoms and nuclei
16 Semiconductor devices


Maharashtra State Board Class 12 Chemistry Book: (CLICK HERE)

S.No Chapters
1 Solid State
2 Solutions
3 Chemical thermodynamics and energetic
4 Chemical Thermodynamics
5 Chemical Kinetics
6 Overarching concepts and procedures for element separation
7 p-Block elements
8 d and f Block Elements d-Block Elements
9 Coordination compounds
10 Halogen derivatives of alkanes (and arenes)
11 Alcohols, phenols, and ethers Alcohols
12 Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids
13 Organic compounds containing nitrogen
14 Biomolecules
15 Polymers
16 Chemistry in everyday life



S.No Chapters
1 Genetics and Evolution
2 Biotechnology and its application
3 Biology and Human Welfare
4 Plant Physiology
5 Reproduction in Organisms
6 Ecology and Environment
7 Human Physiology 


S.No Chapters
1 Introduction of Micro and Macro Economics
2 Utility Analysis
3 Demand Analysis
4 Elasticity Demand
5 Forms of Market
6 Index Number
7 National Income
8 Public Finance in India
9 Money Market and Capital Market in India
10 Foreign Trade in India 

English Vistas:

S.No Chapters
1 The Third Level
2 The Tiger King
3 Journey to the end of the Earth
4 The Enemy
5 Should Wizard hit Mommy
6 On the face of It
7 Evans Tries an O-level
8 Memories of Childhood

English Flamingo:

S.No Chapters
1 The Last Lesson
2 Lost Spring
3 Deep Water
4 The Rattrap
5 Indigo
6 Poets and Pancakes
7 The Interview
8 Going Places

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