How To Calculate 12 Percent For Maharashtra State Board

How To Calculate 12 Percent For Maharashtra State Board – It is a dimensionless number used to express the ratio of two numbers. It is used to show how the value of a number is out of 100 compared to other numbers (usually larger numbers). The percent sign is represented by “%”.

This is a simple to learn how to calculate percentages.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 

What Is The Percentage?

Percentage refers to expressing a number or ratio as a percentage of 100. Simply put, percentage is defined as how much of a quantity is part of other places. It is usually represented by the symbol “%”. The abbreviation usually used to represent it is “pc” or “pct”.

How Is The Percentage Calculated?

Are you worried about how to calculate the percentage? First, you need to understand the meaning of percentages. It is easy to understand to calculate percentages; the formula is the ratio of the actual value to the total value equal to 100.

After the analysis, let’s now look at the percentage formula:

Percent (%) = (Amount x 100) / Total Amount

Now you know the basics of calculating the concept of percentage; here are some variations of the above: the mentioned formula can help you calculate the fraction in some special cases.

Example 1

Anil scored 1000 out of 1200 in an exam. Calculate the percentage of points the student received.


Score = 1000

Maximum score = 1200

Score Percentage = (1000/1200) × 100

Group scores received 83.3%

Example 2

Ashok scored 90 out of 100 marks in the exam. Calculate the percentage of points earned by Ashok.


Score = 90

Maximum score = 100

Score Percentage = (90/100) × ≤100

The score received is 90%

Students from any board can calculate the percentage easily. Hence, the Maharashtra State Board (HSC) percentage will be calculated in this manner. 

How To Take Out Percentage Of Marks

It’s easier when you use the formula. Be sure to note scores carefully, as differences in input may result in incorrect percentages or incorrect answers. There are two main ways you can choose to calculate percentages:

Fraction Form

In any case, if you have given data as the final amount after all the inputs have been combined, it will be converted to a fraction. Then we first convert the number to decimal and then multiply the total value by 100 to give the final amount numerically. So, multiply the given number by 100 to find the percentage of the given number.

Example: 0.88 = 0.88 x 100 = How to calculate the percentage of 88%?

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