How should I prepare For MPSC?

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) is an official body within the Maharashtra government. Every year, it holds exams to find applicants for various government agencies. Every year, thousands of applicants sit for this test. Their rivalry is fierce as a result.

The majority of test takers, particularly those who hope to score higher, think that taking coaching is essential to doing well on the exam.

How Can Someone Who Has Never Taken Coaching Prepare For The MPSC Exam?

The outcome of any exam is largely determined by how well you prepare, more so than by coaching. You must have a well-thought-out plan and the determination to carry it out if you want to study for the MPSC exam on your own and succeed.

Additionally, it will be vital for you to keep a few things in mind. You can get started by keeping the following points in mind:-

  • Exams for competitive programs like the MPSC have a syllabus, much like other exams. Knowing its curriculum can help you create a strategy to ace.
  • You could get an essence of which topics require greater attention by looking at the unit-wise weighting in the syllabus. It will be easier for you to create a successful exam preparation strategy.
  • Having a clear understanding of the various areas of the previous year’s question papers will help you determine how to respond to the questions more efficiently.

MPSC Preparation At Home For Prelims Exam 

The fundamentals of the exam, including the steps of selection and exam structure, must be understood by candidates who are preparing for the MPSC at home. 

  • First, Comprehend The MPSC Prelims Pattern.

Recognize the Pattern: Prior to beginning their preparation, candidates must recognize the format of the MPSC preliminary exam. They should thoroughly review everything, including the amount of questions that will be asked, their grades, and any bad markings that may exist.

  • Take Organised Notes For The MPSC Prelims Exam.

With the preliminary exam in mind, candidates should take notes. Examinees must take brief notes covering topics and key points because the preliminary test consists of multiple-choice questions. To avoid confusing people when they respond to inquiries, the notes shouldn’t be written in a descriptive style.

  • Answer MPSC Prelims Question Bank.

Solving the question bank is the most efficient approach to preparing for an exam with objective question types. To prepare one-line questions for the MPSC exam, candidates must review the topics from the curriculum. 

MPSC Preparation At Home For Mains Exam 

The MPSC mains exam will be open to candidates who made it through the preliminary round. Their mains exam strategy should differ from their prelim exam strategy because it involves a descriptive paper. 

  •  Pick Your Optional Subject Wisely

A list of possible subjects for the two optional examinations will be provided to applicants. Selecting a scoring subject instead of their favorite is the key here. By choosing a subject with a high score, candidates can increase their average percentage overall by receiving good marks in it.

  • Become familiar with writing MPSC Mains Answers.

Within the allotted word limit, candidates should submit succinct, understandable responses. A beginning, a middle, and a finish are required for their responses. Those that have all three components will be able to provide responses that are well-marked. 

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