How Many Post In MPSC And Salary: Group A, B & C

How Many Post In MPSC? – Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) conducts the Rajya Seva exam every year to find suitable candidates for various posts. They were appointed to various offices and departments of the Maharashtra government.

There are three main types or classifications of these jobs:-

Class A: Category A jobs are higher than managers and directors. They all have prestigious positions. That’s why they get paid more than other job categories. They are also the official police.

Class B: Class B jobs are lower to class A level jobs. They are secondary. These are civil servants who are not published in the official gazette. This means their salaries are lower than category A jobs.

Class C: Finally, last category, there are C-category jobs. Those who work in these jobs receive the lowest wages. They are assigned to various sub-services or entry-level positions.

Candidates who want to appear for the MPSC Rajyaseva exam work hard day and night to get selected for any post in MPSC Rajya Seva. Class A or Group A jobs become a source of incentive for them and encourage them to work harder.

It is the salary and income, as well as other privileges, opportunities, and privileges, that enable them to work harder and organize their daily plans. In this article, we will talk about MPSC jobs and salaries. 

MPSC Jobs And Salary – Different Jobs And Their Salaries

Salary, Salary are other benefits and benefits that help candidates to prepare. This allows them to work hard all day long and secure the top spot.

Below, we provide the complete list of all the jobs in Category A, category B, and Category C, along with their salaries and other perks and benefits. We hope this will inspire you for the MPSC Rajyaseva exam plan.

Salary In Class A Gazetteer

Class A Gazetteer civil servants hold senior positions and government posts and generally earn higher salaries than their Class B counterparts. Their wages depend on many factors, including the nature and responsibility of the job. Job, years, and work experience.

These officials hold important positions, such as managers, senior managers, and department heads, and have important responsibilities. Therefore, their salaries reflect the level of responsibility they have.

Here are the salary details for their specific jobs:-

Post Salary
Deputy Director / Project Officer [Integrated Tribal Development Program] (Group A) / Deputy Commissioner INR 67,700 – INR 208,700
Deputy Collector INR 56,100 – INR 177,500
Deputy Superintendent of Police / Assistant Commissioner of Police INR 56,100 – INR 177,500
Assistant Commissioner of Sales Tax INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Registrar, Co-op. Society INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Department Chief Executive Officer / Block Development Officer INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Assistant Director, Maharashtra Finance and Accounting Services INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Chief Officer, Municipal Corporation / Municipal Council INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Superintendent of State Excise INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Education Officer of Maharashtra Education Service (Administration Branch) INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Project Officer, Project Officer (Integrated Tribal Development Project) (Grade 2) / Assistant Commissioner INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Deputy Director, Industry (Technical) INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Tahsildar Salary in Maharashtra INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500
Assistant Director, Skill Development, Employment & Entrepreneurs INR 56,100- INR 1,77,500

Class B Wise Salary

The salary of civil service civil servants varies depending on their specific job like middle-class B Civil servants, several. From a thousand rupees to a few rupees. Ten thousand a month.

Their salaries are determined by many factors, including the conditions and responsibilities of their job, their years of experience, and their job.

Post Salary
Deputy Education Officer, Maharashtra Education Services (Administration Branch) INR 47,600- INR 1,51,100
Section Officer Minister: INR 47,600- INR 1,51,100 MPSC Office: INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Assistant Regional Transport Officer INR 44,900- INR 1,42,400
Accounting Officer of Maharashtra Finance and Account Service INR 44,900- INR 1,42,400
Assistant BDO INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Chief Officer, Corporation / Corporation INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Deputy Superintendent, Land Records INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Deputy Superintendent, State Excise INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Assistant Commissioner, State Excise INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Skill Development, Employment, and Entrepreneur Training Guidance Officer INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Industry Officer, Technical INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Assistant Project Officer / Statistics Officer / Administrative Officer / Research Officer / Home Head / Manager INR 41,800- INR 1,32,300
Deputy Tehsildar INR 38,600- INR 12,2,800

C-Class Post-Wise Salary

C-Class civil servants hold entry-level jobs in the government and are generally paid less than B-Class civil servants.

Responsibilities include daily operations and responsibilities assigned by superiors. The salary of Class C civil servants is determined according to position, experience, and performance.

The salary of a Class C officer varies from a few thousand rupees to ten thousand rupees per month, depending on the field of specialization.

Post Salary
Industry Inspector INR 35,400 to INR 1,12,400 per annum
Deputy Inspector To be updated
State Excise To be updated
Technical Assistant INR 29,200 to INR 92,300 per annum
Insurance Directorate INR 29,000 to INR 92,300 per annum
Tax Assistant INR 25,500 to INR 81,100 per annum
Clerk Typist (English) INR 32,000 to INR 1,01,600 per annum
Clerk Typist (Marathi) INR 32,000 to INR 1,01,600 per annum

MPSC is the main gateway for people seeking government jobs in Maharashtra. The organization ensures that only the most talented and qualified candidates are selected for executive and management positions.

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