12,000 Dollar Stimulus Payment Date: When Is This Payment Being Made?

The impending $12,000 stimulus payment for 2024 is a financial support program to help low-income individuals in California. This stimulus payment is intended to give deserving individuals and families financial relief.

12000 Dollar Stimulus Checks

The Franchise Tax Board is in charge of overseeing this $12,000 one-time stimulus payment (FTB). The payment dates are expected to be released soon. The purpose of this program is to provide a significant boost in the form of tax rebates to low-income families who struggle to meet their basic needs.

The $12,000 stimulus cheque is only available to those who fulfill certain income requirements.

Organization Franchise Tax Board
Program 12000 dollar stimulus checks
Benefits California
Amount $12,000
Mode of payment Online
Official website https://www.irs.gov/

Eligibility Criteria For $12000 Stimulus Checks

Applicants must fulfill a number of requirements in order to be eligible for the $12,000 stimulus check:-

  • Candidates’ earnings should be less than USD 63398 in 2023.
  • Furthermore, eligibility is limited to California residents who made $30931 or less in the prior year; this amounts to up to $3529 for families with three children.
12,000 Dollar Stimulus Payment Date: When Is This Payment Being Made?
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Stimulus Payment Benefits Provided According To Number Of Households

The amount awarded differs according to the number of children:-

  • Families with three or more children will receive $7400.
  • Families with two children will receive $6600
  • Families with one child will receive $4000
  • Families without children will receive $600.

Payment Dates For $12,000 Stimulus Checks

$12,000 Stimulus payment checks benefits are expected to be received in the month of June 2024. The one-time payment of $12,000 will be provided in the form of state and federal refunds.

This payment aims to reduce the economic stress of individuals with low income. Candidates need to check the official website for recent updates.

Steps To Claim $12,000 Payment Benefits

  • Check the eligibility criteria mentioned by the Franchise Tax Board for $12,000 payment benefits.
  • To apply for a $12,000 stimulus Payment check, gather all the necessary documents like social security number and income statement.
  • To claim the stimulus, complete state and federal tax returns accurately.
  • After this, the government will review your tax returns and check your eligibility for a $12,000 stimulus Payment check.
  • Once approved by the Government, stimulus Payment will be directly received via mail check, or direct deposit.

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